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This conference is organized by the Department of European, American and Intercultural Studies and the Department of Letters and Modern Cultures of the Sapienza University of Rome, and patronized by the Società Italiana di Comparatistica Letteraria, the Associazione di Teoria e Storia Comparata della Letteratura, and the Consulta di Critica letteraria e Letterature comparate.

Chairs of the Scientific Committee

Emilia Di Rocco 

Franca Sinopoli

Scientific committee
Jacob Blakesley (Leeds University)

Riccardo Capoferro (Sapienza University of Rome)

Andrea Carteny (Sapienza University of Rome)

Francesco Paolo de Cristofaro (University of Naples "Federico II")

Emilia Di Rocco (Sapienza University of Rome)

Chiara Lombardi (University of Turin)

Irene Ranzato (Sapienza University of Rome)

Caterina Romeo (Sapienza University of Rome)

Umberto Rossi (Sapienza University of Rome)

Stefania Irene Sini (University of Eastern Piedmont)

Franca Sinopoli (Sapienza University of Rome)

Sara Sullam (State University of Milan)

The Organizing committee is coordinated by
Elisabetta Abignente (University of Naples "Federico II")

Francesca Medaglia (Sapienza University of Rome )

Members of the committee


Riccardo Antonangeli

Mattia Bonasia

Barbara D'Alessandro

Annamaria Elia

Irene Montori

Vincenzo Spanò

Kamelia Talebian Sedehi

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